Today Joan and I were invited round to Danny and Elaine’s in Karsiyaka for Sunday lunch, so after church we nipped in home to get a bottle to take with us to find their guests Mike and Elaine Diplock from Esentepe sitting out in the sunshine enjoying aperitifs. After the bubbly and nibbles we went inside to a super dinner cooked by Elaine, a full three courses and lots of wine. Lucky we only have to drive through the top village road to get home..

We also spent some time examining the new TV box that they have which is giving them masses of programs, films, TV shows and catch up TV.. Both Danny and I had made the decision recently to spend 750 TL on the Sunny Cyprus system, but we were both disappointed with the results. This new system is coming from a guy at Jessic bar here in Karsiyaka and from the demonstration at Danny’s is much more user friendly and offers much more than the system we both bought. It is a shame also that Sunny Cyprus seem reluctant to do anything but blame the internet for their failing system. Now we know that any TV system here that gives us UK TV programs involves the internet and streaming down programs, but our old NTV system, despite its excessive cost did work, something which cannot be said for the Sunny Cyprus system.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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