Don't know when it is going to let up. We still have temperatures of 90+ and these have been around since sometime in May. The longest and hotest summer we have ever known here in 14 years. it is just such a great shame that the tourist numbers have been way down. Think people are just too scared because of the troubles in the regions, but in fact we feel much safer here than we would in many parts of UK, maybe not our old South Coast area but would be thinking twice about taking day trips across to France now..

Nothing changes here though. The government in the shape of the Council of Ministers, took the last day prior to the 9 day holiday period to make two outstanding decisions and push them down the throats of the people, their voters. First they scrapped all previous decisions on high rise developments along the North coast. Mayors, Heads of Societies and all who have been trying to block these developments are absolutely up in arms about it. The government minister, who heads the Tourism and Environmental Ministry responsible for Town PLanning was surprisingly out of the country yesterday and therefore unavailable to comment. I have said it before and would say it again, I would like to get sight of some of his secret bank accounts. The mayor of Girne says "I feel sick" and the Chamber of Civil Engineering head says "Girne has been sacrificed on the eve of the Bayram Sacrifice holiday. It is a very sad day as this once very beautiful coastline will now just become a concrete jungle of hotels and roadways. What I don't understand is why, when tourism is falling off rapidly they are going to build bigger and taller hotels with more empty rooms.

The second decision was to support Turkey by not changing the hour at the end of summer time. This means that when we cross the border to go South on shopping trips we will have to change our watches to European time. Now I know we are not part of Europe but they are on the Greek side and the two sides are trying to come together !!!!!!!!!!!   Add to this the very silly situation in the village of Pile. This village has always been populated by both Greek and Turkish Cypriots and each side is connected to it's own administration, so now one lot of the population will be dealing with work, travel etc in a different time zone to the other half of the population. How to create chaos by so called ministers who are as obviously as thick as two short planks. The island will now be divided by a Time Warp.

Already there are problems with pressure of water being fed from the new reservoir into municipality systems. The idea is to fill up the depots for municipalities and these will then feed the systems to houses etc. It seems that in both Lapta and Alsancak, there is insufficient water feed to fill the depots. I little investigation into the systems clearly needed.

A 19 year old girl managed to hit an electricity pole and turn her car over, injuring her passenger. Reason drink, say the police. Another woman driver lost control of her car and overturned it, this one was 41 years old. A 71 year old motorcyclist turned right in front of an oncoming car and ended up in hospital with a broken leg. They are amongst us.

We still have the vehicle tax amniesty for 90 days to enable tax dodgers to make themselves legal. Me thinks that if we had an active police force and effective systems in place they would not be able to dodge paying. We know of one vehicle here in Lapta, belonging to a small supermarket owner, who has had his Honda repaired after an accident, has had no number plates on the vehicle for the last 6/9 months, but only apparently drives around the Lapta area, with No tax, No insurance, No MOT and last week we saw a 14 year old son getting in to drive off some place. Now the local police must pass this car many times each day, what happens, nothing, this is Cyprus !!!!

More strikes are threatened at Ercan airport. Union leaders are saying that they will not be responsible for preventing medicines from coming in, or the victimisation of tourists and passengers but the problems have been ongoing for years and nothing has been done.

Lots in the newspaper about rubbish dumping, both at picnic sites and just any place that seems suitable. A minister has finally suggested that they need to start educating pupils in schools about environmental issues, but clearly some major government ation is needed to resolve the overall issue.

It is reported that the GCs have drawn up four different territorial plans to be presented at a meeting with the UN about the so called peace talks.The GCs are also trying to pass a motion in their parliament which does away with the guarantees which involved Turkey, Greece and UK, whilst at the same time President Akinci on the TRNC side is saying we won't accept a solution that excludes Turkey. Do I feel a stale mate coming on?

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