We are still locked into the long, 9 day Byram holiday. This is the one where the "the haves" buy and slaughter sheep and goats to give to "the have nots", at least thats the theory but now it is just an excuse for a family get together around a table full of booze. Because it is a sort of traditional holiday thing, Joan and I went to the Green Palace this evening as I fancied a nice steak.

When we got there, without booking, we found that they were laying on a special with music for the locals. We were asked if we wanted the special or to choose from the menu. As my reason for going was to enjoy one of their steaks, we chose menu. we both had a medium rare sirloin and they were just delicious. A couple of G & Ts, a bottle of water and coffee with local brandy to finish was just great at only 100 TL. The music was a keyboard player followed by a Turkish vocalist. The music was very Turkish and as we have always found it to be very single tone in style. Not our cup of tea, so we left at 10 pm, probably just as the locals were going to start their dancing. A very pleasant evening.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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