According to the Cyprus Today newspaper, Town Planners are going to sue the government over the just released zoning plans for high rise development along Girne's coastline. There is a lot of unhappiness about the central government just overriding the control over planning and creating what many believes will be a concrete jungle. There is a general belief that this is only for money and that some underhand payments will be made for this consent. Apparently a case will be opened in the supreme court this coming Monday. We await the outcome, but suppose that central government will overrule eventually.

President Akinci is suggesting that a Cyprus solution can be reached within 90 days. He has been heavily critised because he has remained silent about deals reached during the 16 month process of talks and refused to let a cabinet member attend talks with him. There is a big meeting with the United Nations next weekend and it is his hope that as a result of this there will be a refined plan to resolve the whole issue. In an interview, his first during the talks, with TRNC press, he admitted that there were still significant areas of disagreement between the two sides. He discussed having a rotating presidency as he considers this essential in ensuring that the TCs get equality of control, but this has been totally dismissed by the GCs. The South also say that having guarantors is not going to happen as they don't agree with it. Stale mate again ????? I have said it many times, lets await the outcome.

Remember the discussion about spending millions of TL on new vehicles for the governments people and the opposition parties saying why, our buildings that house government departements are in a bad state of repair. Well just to prove a point, one of the Presidents bodyguards vehicles went up in flames  They say that an electrical fault was the cause. We could ask " did she fall or was she pushed" as they would say in Sherlock Holmes movies.

Ten people injured during this last week in road accidents. In every case the newspaper reorts "the driver lost control". In one instance they reported that the vehicle "flew" off the road, uprooted a stand of trees and then dropped into a 4 metre ditch. The 18 year old driver could not possibly have been going too fast, could he. This is followed by an account of a motorist pointing a toy gun at an attendent when he did not have enough money to pay for his petrol.

They say that the expansion of Ercan Airport is going well. A new 50,000 sq metre terminal building will allow 10,000,000 passengers per year through and new runways suitable for 300 seater aircraft, are under construction. The man responsible has said that the government has no plans to start a new airline, but the Democratic Party say if they come to power it would be a priority for them. Anybody remember CTA, who had 5 times as many staff per plane as any other civil airline and wondered why they went bust. Cyprus Airways, in the South had the same problem. 

 This evening we went to the BRS Annual summer ball at The Merit Royale here in Alsancak. As always a superb do, well organised and good food and service. The entertainment was by that duo "Tuxedo Junction" 

September 17th 1



































These two guys have been our entertainment for the last few years and people say we should consider a change, but have to say that when they get out among the diners and do their thing they always manage to get us all on the dance floor.


September 17th 3

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