We had to be at the Near East Hospital by 12 noon to get ready for my angiogram and whatever treatment follows. We had reached an agreement, through Dr Levent Soyer, the Cardiologist at Kyrenia Medical, that he would do the checks and whatever treatment he thought I needed at a maximum cost of £4,000. Dr Levent came to the hospital at around 12.30 and I was eventually taken down at 1.15 pm.

When they got to look at the situation around my heart they told me that I needed 1 more stent and a couple of balloons in the artery leading up to my existing stent, apparently there are some lesions in this artery which are probably hereditary. Clearly we are now talking the full £4k but if my problems are resolved then we will just have to take it easy, financially for a little while, maybe curtail next years Cambodia & Vietnam plans. One thing is clear I could not have got the expertise and help in UK within the same timescale and certainly not for this price. 

I was out of the theatre at 3.30 pm and then popped into intensive care for a recovery period. eventually being taken back up to my ward room at 10 pm. First thing I was given was 12 cups of water and told that I must drink them all before they would let me back upstairs. No problem drinking but a small problem that I was wired for sound and not able to get out of bed, thank heaven for understanding nurses. 

At 10 pm I was moved back up to my own room and again wired for sound, but this was a portable device thankfully, because I was given another 10 cups of water with instructions that they must be drunk. Dr Levent had said to Joan that she should come back at 10 pm and spend the night, but she and I had agreed that this was not really necessary as I would be happy just relaxing with my book until I fell asleep. 


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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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