Was served a Turkish breakfast around 8 am. The breakfast was really nice apart from the luke warm milk that was offered as a drink, fortunately there was one of those sealed cups of cold water which I had sort of got used to drinking them by now.

Joan came back just after 9 am and was there when Dr levent came to check up on me. He said that he would discharge me in the afternoon but that I was to visit him in the Girne Clinic at 5.30 for a list of my medication.

Joan took me home for 4 pm and I enjoyed my first cup of coffee in two days, they just don't serve it in that hospital, but I had been warned by Andrew that it was something they just did not do unless you went down to the ground floor restaurant and bought one there.

At 5.30 we were back in Girne with Dr Levent and he explained in detail what he had actually done whilst I was in the theatre and from what he said it sounds as if I was lucky to get treated so quickly as things were a lot worse than he originally thought. Anyway he wants me to have another blood test tomorrow morning and then he will hopefully giive me the all clear to fly next week.

No driving for the next three weeks, no lifting, no gym until we get back and a very strict regime for my pills and I have to get back to him when we return towards the end of October. We consider ourselves very lucky that he is such a good and caring Cardiologist and we are so very pleased that we did not make a decision to go off to one of the other recommended hospitals, just because of cost issues.

Anyway the gang had decided to go to The Green Palace this evening to eat and I said to Joan, you are driving, we have to eat, so lets join them so long as I can bail out when I have had enough. This we did and enjoyed but left at 9.30 as I was knackered.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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