This afternoon I went over to the Acapulco hotel again, but this time for the Cyprus Economic Summit, organised by Credit West Bank. This was a very interesting event as it was initially addressed by President Akinci, who is the man trying to drive through a Federal Agreement with the South to unify the island. He is extremely positive about the whole thing and clearly sees it as a solution to the TRNC problems of world recognition etc. However rumours abound that he will be awarded a Nobel Peace prize in the event that he pulls it off and strikes me as another Tony Blair, which promotes and instant dislike on my part. What did come out of the whole session is the fact that the North of the island would be welcomed into the EU and be using Euros shortly after an agreement was reached. UGH.

It was abundantly clear that all this meeting was organised by the yes lets do it gang, probably, knowing the way they work, for their own benefit. What did come out was that Greek Cyprus have an 81.6 billion Euro debt due to heavy borrowing and spending after they were included in the EU. This begs the question, why would the Turkish Cypriots vote to join up with them and no doubt inherit 50% of this debt. Consider that the TRNC has been propped up financially for the last 50 years by Turkey and consider the vast sums of money poured in on underwater water systems etc and then tell me that the Turks are going to give this away to Greeks.

An interesting meeting with many questions remaining unanswered and I certainly came away hoping even more that it was not going to happen and many friends of mine who also attended felt the same. It will be interesting nearer the time if the referendum, later this year, which way the mood swings this time. In 2004 after the Annan Plan referendum, 66% of the Turkish Cypriots voted to join up with the Greek Cypriots, whilst 74% of Greek Cypriots voted against the plan.

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