Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday. A very special service at St Andrews and very well attended. All credit to Rev Wendy for getting this many people to attend and it was very noticable that the usual dissenters who have had it in for Wendy from the beginning, were absent. My personal feeling is, if they want to worship elsewhere, then please do so. There has been lots of change recently amidst some real bad feeling voiced by those who would be better staying away. It is very unforunate that a small group of people have ruled the way St Andrew's must go for a number of years and now they are not being allowed to rule they have got quite vicious, which is a great shame in what is supposed to be a Christian community.

The whole day was very enjoyable, a lovely Eucharist Service, with some of our younger members participating and this was followed by a Bring & Share lunch in the grounds of the Hermitage. There was a great selection of food available for us all to share around and Pat ran her bar for those of us who had not had the presence of mind to bring their own bottle of wine. A lovely event and as you can see from the pics below, very well attended. Great stuff Wendy.


September 25th 1

September 25th 2

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