Yesterday Joan and I did a quick nip across the border to get some extra cat food because our little treasures are going in to stay with Yasmin for 3 weeks. On the way we dived into the bank so that Joan could pop her spare cash onto her cash card then she can draw it down whenever she wants whilst we are away. At the same time we opened a Euro Account because Kitty is hopefully going to pay back some of what she owes us, whilst we are away.

This morning Joan dropped me off in the village so that I could get a haircut before the holiday, if I hadn't done that I would have had to put it in a ponytail before I got home. Joan nipped up to the Council Offices to sort out a couple of issues there for BRS members, then dropped down to collect me. This no driving thing is beginning to get quite enjoyable.

This evening Joan and I, out for our usual Tuesday evening meal together, went to The Blue Song. When we got there, Pat and Anne had just arrived after attending a Church Council meeting. Something I no longer have to do. The four of us had an enjoyable meal together and as Anne said, our arrival probably stopped them talking shop all evening.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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