Joan and I slept in late this morning, but not too late to get a superb hotel breakfast, we needed the sleep to recover from our long flight over and a very pleasant evening yesterday. We took the walk in to Cape Town again as we wanted more time to look around the super Waterfront area here and to get the souvenir buying out of the way quickly. We also bought tickets for the Hop on Hop off bus service which are at a special price for a two day ticket. This meant that we were able to get a bus up to the cable car station for the famous Table Mountain. Last time we came here, we had been on top of the mountain when the clouds came down after 10 minutes, which sort of ruined our day out. We thought for a moment that we were going to luck out again, as the first two buses we got on broke down, so that meant quite a delay, but third time lucky as they say.


5th October 1

More luck this time and we were able to walk around on the top for a while and then grab a light lunch and a beer. If anybody ever makes this trip, be aware that you can be standing in the cable car queue for up to 2 hours during the holiday season, but it is well worth the visit. That little lump at the top of the mountain is the place where the cable car goes to, beautifully disguised.

5th October 8

                                               The view of Cape Town and the bay from the top is quite stunning.

We got back on to one of the open buses for the trip back to Cape Town and again the views as we travelled around the coast back to the Waterfront area are absolutely superb. We remembered them from our trip 3 years ago, but today the weather played its part in our enjoyment.


5th October 9

 There are some lovely, very, very expensive places to live around this coast and an excellent road network to get around on. You can see how far the bus travels along this coast because there is another view of Table Top mountain at the top of this picture.

We actually got off the bus near to our hotel and sat in the sun reading for a little while before going around the corner to " Richard's Bistro" for a very enjoyable dinner. Joan had some fish called Yellow Tail, which was very dense meat and therefore quite heavy eating but very enjoyable. I settled for a Cape Sole, which came very like Dover Sole and just as enjoyable, I was allowed a taste of Joan's Yellow Tail.

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