Today we took the other bus around the coastal area as it was a lovely sunny day and there are some beautiful stopping off points along this route. In particular we had been told about a wild bird sanctuary so we opted to get off there and go to take a look. By the time we got the OAP discount and an added 10% because we had come with the Hop on Hop off service, the entrance fee was down to about £1.00 each, so we celebrated with a lovely milky coffee and home made sausage roll. Well it was at least 2 hours since breakfast so we didn't feel too guilty.

This bird sanctuary is a sponsored thing that takes in injured and birds no longer wanted by owners, gives them a secure home for life and a safe environment to live in. The place is quite large and is well maintained with some large avieries that give the birds opportunity to fly around. There was in particular an area designated to owls which we found particularily fascinating. I am just going to put a string of pics that we found to be interesting and colourful. What I found especially interesting was the pair of Albino Peacocks. They helped us out by both displaying at the same time. I have many more pics from this establishment but limited room to put them on here.

5th October 2


5th October 3


5th October 4


5th October 5


5th October 6


5th October 7

 We spent a number of hours around this site and then hopped back on a bus that took us back to Cape Town. The journey took well over 1.5 hours but the coastal scenery is quite magnificent.  Included on our 2 day bus pass was a harbour trip whth the last boat leaving at 5 pm, so, as we are always on for anything for nothing things, we took this trip. It was literally just around the inner harbour but interesting just the same.

We then went to one of the largest pub/restaurants on the waterfront, called The Ferryman, had a super meal washed down of course by local beer and wine, then taxi back to the hotel for an early night with a good book.

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