Today is our transfer day to the Pumba Game Reserve for our 5 nights safari. Early call as we had a taxi pick up arranged for 8.30 to the airport. we were flying with South Africa Express to Port Elizabeth which is in the Eastern Cape. A bit like a Ryanair service, only better, and a 1 hour 10 minute flight in a noisey pull along airplane. We wre met at the airport by a guy who was to take us out to Pumba. This journey took us just over 1.5 hours further east and on to this private reserve. We arrived around 2 am so were able to unpack settle in and go and sit on our private terrace, which also has a plunge pool. We found a fridge with the essential items in it, settled in the sun and then heard lots of rustling noises in our garden area, when we investigated we found an elephant tearing down some of the bushes to eat.

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There is a large lake in front of all the lodges and the animals it seems are free to roam around as they wish. We were off on our first game drive at 4.30 pm and met up with our ranger for our stay, a guy called Daniel. We told him about the elephant in our garden and he said thats quite normal and I probably know were he is right now. So now we got a chance to meet him face to face.

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Down on the lake shore we also met up with a rhino who is really quite big. Daniel explained to us that this game reserve is made up of 7,500 hectares and that this is totally surrounded by an ten foot electric fence, so that all the reserve animals are contained. I reckon that this is something in excess of 100 kilometres of fence. There is a large herd of elephants, 2 prides of lions, a family of Cougars and a family of Leopards, dozens of Impalas, some Wildabeast, Buffalo, and numerous Warthogs, known in the local language as Pumbas, which is where the reserve name came from.

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Because Rhinos are still poached for their horns, we were told that there are security people patrolling the reserve to protect them. We also saw 2 lions, a male and a female, which are part of one of the two prides. After a stop at sun down for a drink out in the open we were escorted back to our lodge to get ready for dinner.

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At night if we want to walk from our lodge to the restaurant we have to call for an escort. It is forbidden to walk outside at any time after dark. Our lodge is quite palatial with a lounge area, wood burning stove, because it gets cold at night and both an internal and external shower as well as a bath if you really want to pamper yourself.

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