First of the early morning ride outs. We received a call at 5.45 am to get ready to walk up to the central area, have an early morning coffee and be ready to get onto our Land Rover at 6.30.

It was a bright and sunny morning but quite cold in the open vehicles at that time, Joan and I were sitting in the front section so got the full force of the wind. Lesson number 1, wrap up well even if it looks nice and warm out there. Shortly after we set off we met up with an elephant known by the rangers as " One tusk". Apparantly he is about 2 years old and sometime back he was digging with his tusk to get at the roots of some juicy bush when he broke one tusk off. Daniel told us that it wll grow back again because the young tusks are like milk teeth and given a year or two more he will start to show another replacement.

8th October 2016 5

 Further into the drive we saw our first Warthogs (Pumba's), they were being watched by our first sighting of the white lion pride. Both the male and his female mate were around, who we are told had four cubs just over 1 year ago, no doubt we will get to see them at sometime.

8th October 2016 11


8th October 2016 14


8th October 2016 18

 We drove around the opposite side of the lake that we can see from our rooms and on the way came across a road block in the shape of a very large elephant. Daniel said that this guy is one of their herd but that males are sometimes forced to fend for themselves until they are mature enough to make a challenge for the herd lead man spot. These animals are basically quite docile and used to the sight of Land Rovers full of tourists, so will happily walk very close to them as they are aware that they mean them no harm.

8th October 2016 24

8th October 2016 27

From the other side of the lake we got a great view of the Pumba Game Reserve and you can see the individual lodges spaced out along the lake front. There are a total of 12 lodges, the last two being family ones with two bedroom areas. On the big plain, opposite us and across the lake, there are lots of Impala all gathered together. These are known as "The Big Mac" because firstly they have a sign on their backsides like a Macdonald's M, they provide tasty meals for the main predator animals and can be found on every corner.

8th October 2016 30

8th October 2016 33

It was getting warmer by now so we stiopped on the big plain area for a coffee / hot chocolate break. The hot chocolate is the best because Daniel tops it off with Amurila, which is a local version of Baileys.

8th October 2016 35

Back to the main lodge area and as it was so nice a sunny and thankfully warm again we were able to have breakfast out on the main terrace area in front of the pool and with a view of the lake. Bacon & egg and all the trimmings goes down very well after spending close to 3 hours looking for animals.

8th October 2016 37

Unfortunately by the time it was time for the afternoon ride out, the wind had got up and we found out that the animals tend to hide when it is windy because they are not sure if they can hear preditors coming for them, so although we enjoyed the drive around the reserve we did not see many animals.

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