Warm and sunny day, but not really at 6.30 am, but by the time we made it to our coffee break it had warmed up considerably. Before we had gone very far our Ranger spotted the whit lion male sleeping off a good feast. They must have made a kill during the night and as per tradition he gets to eat first and mum and the cubs after him. He clearly has his "do not disturb" notice displayed and has no plans to move before he has had a good sleep.

11th October 2016 2

It is a clear sign of how the animals on this Reserve are content with life, they are protected, cannot get out of the reserve and there is plenty for them to hunt and eat just as they would if really in the wild. Later on the ride we came across a family of Rhino's also basking in the sun.

11th October 2016 4

This morning, in the warm sun, most animals seemed to be content, with the exception of the Impala's who were very much on the alert. It could be that they could sense either a Leopard or Cheeta in the vicinity as these are their must deadly enemies as they are fast enough to catch them. The Giraffe's were also out in strength this morning and one pair of youngsters proved what Daniel had been saying to us, they are exteemly nosey animals.

11th October 2016 7

11th October 2016 13

11th October 2016 15

After the morning ride out and a very liesurely breakfast Joan and I settled down on our patio to read and to watch the animals across the lake. Part of the elephant herd were busy destroying bushes and trees and using the lake as a watering hole. Makes for interesting viewing. 

11th October 2016 21

We remembered that before leaving Gustav and Judith just over a week ago he had given us a bottle of 2016 Pinot Noir Chardonnay which had been residing in the fridge. Seemed like the good thing to do on a lovely sunny afternoon so we opened it and lay around in the sun drinking wine and reading until it was time for the afternoon ride out. Earlier in the day we had said goodbye to Malcolm and Anne who had driven off on the rest of their holiday, back towards Cape Town and eventually a flight home.

Just as we were preparing for the ride out some clouds came over and the wind got up so we knew that it was wrap up warm, wear the waterproof ponchos provided and probably not see too much in the way of animals. Antway Joan and I have one more ride out tomorrow morning before we collect our hire car for our drive back via the Garden Route to Cape Town.



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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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