Our last part day at Pumba. Our early call came at 5.45 as usual so that we could be on time for the 6.30 ride out. There were two other guys on this ride out who were sharing our 10.30 taxi back to Port Elizabeth airport because they needed to catch a flight back to Johanasberg for their onward flight to UK. However like us they could not resist having the final opportunity to get some pics to remember their holiday by.

We drove around for almost 2 hurs but did not see very much until the last minute when we spotted the pair of White Lions watching a large herd of Giraffes. This was the guy who had eaten so well yesterday that Daniel thought that they were only there to give the 4 cubs some practice at stalking, We presume knowing that they had no chance to pull down an animal so big until they grow up a bit.

12th October 2016

12th October 2016 4

After a very quick breakfast and picking up our suitcases, which we had mostly packed the night before, we loaded up into the taxi, conscious of the fact that our two guys travelling with us had a plane to catch. It took a good 1.5 hours to get back to the airport because there are some extensive roadworks on the way but eventually Joan and I were able to collect our hire car, an almost new Ford Fiesta, which Joan has to drive for the rest of our holiday. Unfortunately I am still not allowed to drive until I have my end of month medical check.

We left Port Elizabeth around 1.30 pm, found the N2, which is the so called "Garden Route" and headed west. Our plan was to drive as far as Platenburg Bay and find a B & B there. On the way we spotted a sign for Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, which we had read about so popped in there to ask about a visit. We were told that the last walk around had gone but they started again at 9 am tomorrow. So we were now looking for a B & B close by, which we found off the road about 3 k away. The place was called The Emily Moon hotel and they had  room left, normal price 1,700 rand per person per night, but because of the last minute booking and the room beng empty anyway, we succeeded in getting it for 2,000 rand in total.

A lovely big room with nice comfy big bed an open fire and lots of logs and a super big bathroom. What more could we want for £115 for the night, including breakfast. The view from the balcony area of our room was really nice and shows the river curling round and back in the direction of the N2.

13th October 2016 3

We lit the fire before going down to dinner, because over here when the sun goes down so does the temperature. This hotel only has 10/11 rooms, but the dining room was asolutely packed, a clear indication that this was going to be a good experience and that turned out to be a fact. Great meal, a very good bottle of local SA wine followed by a nice cozy night, followed by a sumptious cooked breakfast the next morning. We did have some problem getting the shower to work, like no water, but managed to half fill the bath and share that in the morning. When we mentioned the water problem, the son of the owner investigated and said that a pipe had disconnected, so we got a further 400 rand discount on our bill, which almost covered the rack of lamb we had both had the night before.

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