After breakfast and reloading our suitcases we headed off back to Jukani Wildlife Centre. We heard all about this place from our guide, because you need about 1.5 hours escorted around all the pens. This place is only a sanctuary for animals that need a home, some are from Zoos that have got into trouble in other lands, some are animals that people thought might make nice pets etc. etc. For example there were a pair of white tigers there who had been brought in from the middle east, three years ago, they both had genetic problems and in fact the female died last year and the male is going blind. He will be housed, fed and medically looked after in a nice big compound for as long as he lives. 

All the animals here are in pristine condition, we saw both a male and female Bengal Tiger and a pair of Leopards who loved to hang out in a tree together, sunning themselves. There are many more animals, all in such lovely pens and in good condition. They could no longer fend for themselves so are fed daily and seem to enjoy life.

13th October 2016 5

13th October 2016 6

13th October 2016 11

We had a large milky coffee in the little coffee bar on site which came with some choc biscuits, and after our big breakfast, but enjoyable just the same. After we left this area and drove on to a place called Knysna, a newish harbour town with some lovely and expensive properties.

13th October 2016 16

The original town is still on the mainland but a bridge takes you across to this area known as Thesen Island. We found a B & B place which was more sort of self catering but with a voucher valued at 140 rand, redeemable in any of four restaurants. This place was called The Thesen Island Lodges and gave us a nice big bedroom, with separate shower and loo, and a secure private car park. There was on the first floor a large communal lounge and kitchen area, especially suitable for people with families who did not want the expense of restaurants. We booked a table for later at a restaurant called Four Quays and a boat trip advertised as the Sunset Cruise, which promised Oysters and Wine on the cruise. There were only 5 of us on the boat, two of the 5 where Dutch,+ of course the skipper, who took us out to the headland area which is known as one of the most dangerous entrances into a harbour in SA. One of the main reasons for this is because, when the tide goes out it drops almost 2 meters and causes some really dangerous waves and currents at the entrance. Here we bobbed around on the water, whilst the skipper shucked some oysters for us and poured us some wine. The Dutch guy turned his nose up at even the idea, his wife had two or three oysters, Joan managed one but didn't like so that left the lady from London and I to enjoy the rest.

When we got back to shore, Joan and I had a quick wash in the B & B place across the road and then came back for a very nice meal. All in all a very nice stopping place.


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