We loaded our car up, went across the road to the Quay Four for an early breakfast and then drove along the coast to Mosel Bay. This is a huge bay and very popular with surfers and we spent a little time in the Tourist Information Office asking about B & B for the night. They sent us to one that was a real dump so we tried driving around ourselves. We found out from one hotel, who where full that there was a big bike convention over the weekend so we had a feeling that we might have to drive on a bit further, but then finally tried at The Point Hotel, got a room but no breakfast for only 700 rand  with a pub/restaurant just down the road on the beach. Great, problem solved.

We got our cases in and then went for a walk along the beach area. From the picture you can see just how big the Mosel Bay really is, providing you can see through the heat haze.

14th October 2016 4

We found the recommended pub, "Delfino's" and got a drink before walking further into the town proper just to be nosey. Just like all these towns along the Eastern Cape there are some lovely properties, high up where the good views are and lots of restaurants offering many deals, but we think that it makes sense to stick to the one only 50 yards from our hotel.

14th October 2016 2

This is Delphino's which is made up of a downstairs pub with food and a seafood speciality restaurant on the upper floor, so that is where we headed for an evening meal. We both, on the recommendation of our waiter, tried what was on the menu as Butter Fish Filets. This turned out to be absolutely delicious but we are told is a local fish, so we are not likely to be able to get back in Cyprus. A bottle of local Chenin Blanc and a Greek salad complimented the fish beautifully so we went to bed very contented.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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