We had agreed with Yasmin that we would leave the cats with her until today as we knew that we would be shattered after the journey, which ever way you look at it just over 24 hours of travel for us oldies is a bit much, but we are gluttens for punishment so will probably do it again in a couple of years time.

Last night we had cobbled together a meal of pork chops with some rice and salad, because we had done some shopping in the South before crossing back over the border and then had an early night. I think we both slept for around 10 hours having realised that sleeping on planes is not so good. Yasmin had a whole day full of things to do so we only collected the kits at 5 pm and they were sure happy to be home. Give them a day or so and they will probably forgive us.

Having got them home we then deserted them and went to The Blue Song for our own dinner, but they were around for some supper as soon as we ot home. You can always recover the love of your cats by feeding them good things.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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