Today is check up day by Dr Levent, my Cardiologist. Should have been last Saturday but it was called off due to him having an emergency to deal with. Anyway we turned up at 6 pm as per the revised appointment and he sent me off for an ECG, then did his own ultrasound check, plus of course all the usual blood pressure tests. Finally he pronounced me to be fit and well, which is a great relief as it means I can now drive my own car again, go to the gym again and hopefully not have to worry about more heart problems in the near future. Great news, things back to normal. As a matter of interest, this thorough check up cost 120 TL, approx £30.00.

We left the hospital and came back home to put some meat we had bought whilst we were out, in the fridge. Why did we not buy from a local butcher, well we had heard about a new butcher in Ozankoy, who is trained in UK so understands about hanging meat and trimming things like lamb chops in the British way. We bought some rump steak, 4 pieces, that had been hung for at least 28 days,  some lamb shanks for roasting, some gammon (unsmoked), some lamb and mint sausages as something new to try, and some slices of cured ham for on sandwiches. The whole came to only 108 TL (£27.00) not bad we thought.

Then we did a quick turn around and met Mark and Maggie at the Blue Song for dinner. They are only here until Saturday late afternoon so there was a suggestion that they came round to us on Friday evening as Mark had bought some DVDs and wanted to try them out.

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