Joan and I grabbed an early dinner this afternoon, just one out of the freezer, a home made cottage pie topped off with a small tin of Heinz beans  Unusual for us to eat early, but Mark & Maggie had said they wanted to come round this evening before they head off back to sunny Scunthorpe tomorrow.

They turned up at 7 pm bringing a couple of pineapples which Mark admitted he had found in a little supermarket and that they looked as if they had been in the shop for some time. Mark gave Joan a lesson in chopping up pineapple and we added to this with a block of mature cheddar and some white Pinot Grigiot wine. Mark had brought a bottle of red, Turkish Yakut wine and after he tasted it I queried why a man who had been coming here since 1983 would buy Yakut and not expect it to taste B awful. Fortunately I had some South Africa red which was much more acceptable and washed the cheese and pineapple down quite well.

Mark and Maggie had also bought some DVD's which they wanted to check out. We watched Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher but we all considered the quality of these particullar recording left a lot to be desired. Anyway it didn't really spoil our evening together but just hope that Mark has now learnt to go to the quality wines in future.

Those two are off back home tomorrow so we don't suppose we will see them until maybe next Spring. A fun evening allthough we had trouble understanding how Tom Cruise could have got himself involved in that film, he was trying to play a poor man's James Bond and it didn't come off.

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