Special service of Rememberance in church today. I had the honour of laying the RAF wreath at the alter, just as I did last year. Joan armed herself with her camera but unfortunately caught me just as I was turning away. Never mind hopefully she will catch me better next year.

November 13th 2016.jpg

After the service there was a full Rememberance service in the main street opposite the British Cemetary. We had decided not to go this year as we had always done so on previous occasions and followed this with a chicken lunch at The Ship Hotel, not the best lunch and sometimes you need to give these things a miss.

We went home, after Joan had helped Jackie with the coffee downstairs and popped a lamb shank in the oven with some potatoes. We had bought this piece of lamb from the new butchers in Ozankoy and fancied trying his meat out. Have to say that it was absolutely delicious and with some fresh carrots and beans made a very tasty Sunday dinner. We had to have a couple of glasses of wine with it, as I especially need something to wash down my pills with. My excuse and I am sticking to it.


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