Fairly easy going week for us, just the regular things such as dinner for two on Tuesday, various exercise classes for Joan and the rapidly approaching end of the month when I will be able to sign up for the Rose Garden Gym again for my thrice weekly sessions. Dr Levent has agreed this as a plan so will be glad to get back to the exercise regime. We were supposed to meet up with Omac for a fish and chip dinner on Tuesday, but he cried off at the last minute as he was going to Isanbul early Wednesday, we agreed on next week.

We still have warm weather during the day so have been able to do a major pruning job on our olive tree and to dig up the rose bushes that we planted when we first moved in, they have not done very well here, we think it is because there are a whole row of very large fir trees at the back of our garden and they are sucking all the moisture out of the ground, so despite fairly constant watering in the summer, thie moisture does not penetrate through enough. There are one or two colurful shrubs which seem to survive in this atmosphere so we think a discussion with our friendly garden centre owner is called for. At least we have six decent sized holes where the roses came out to plant into, and if the rainy season is about to start they will get watered in without our intervention.

Early dinner at home this evening as the whole gang of helpers for the St Andrew's Xmas Bazaar descended on the Church Hall for decorating duty. It was supposed to be a 1 hour session, but Joan and I had always thought this was a bit of wishful thinking, so when we finally got home at 9.45 pm we knew that we had been right. The end result was a well decorated hall ready for the Sunday event.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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