Joan and I where on duty at the Church Hall this morning for the BRS mulled wine and mince pies Christmas Freebie to members. Joan and I opened up at 9 am to help get set up for the event which was to be from 10 until 12. The event was quite well attended despite the fact that many go back to UK for Xmas to spend time with family. Have to say that both the mince pies and apple tarts, made by the Food Lodge were very tasty. Personally I am not a big lover of mulled wine and anyway I was driving home.

This evening Joan and I went down to see Barbara, who was being spoilt by both Caron and Robert, her son & daughter, for this week. It is her 80th birthday today so together with Shiela we offered her a voucher for a full pedicure at Amore, the place Joan goes to for nail treatment. Currently the kids are trying to find her an apartment or bungalow in UK as it is now time she returned home for some of the care that she cant get here.

After our visit to Barbara we went down to the Seapoint restaurant and met up with Anne & Pat for dinner. Anne is off to UK tomorrow morning and at follows on Monday. The seapoint have a nice double sided log burner in the middle of their winter closed off bit, so it was nice and warm in their. Also the food quality is good and the prices very reasonable, despite the fact that they are one of the few restaurants that charge for coffee but give you brandy for free.

Today's newspaper reports that the Unions are seeking a vote of no confidence on the government, blaming the crash three weeks ago on the mountain road, which killed three. They also arranged a joint strike in the capital yesterday, calling for ministirial resignations, road safety measures and for the North Cyprus clocks to go back 1 hour. The crash three weeks ago and the unfortunate crash on the same road yesterday where six more people were hurt in another head-on collision, is being used as a political tool to try to bring the government down, nobody will recognise that these issues have been around for years and until driving education and driving standards are improved then bringing the government down is a usless exercise. we generally get new governments at least once a year and non of them know how to run the country.

We are getting some tremendous storms at the moment and once again there is fear for the harbour wall in Girne. This harbour wall has been reported about ever since we came to live here 14 years ago and not one government has been able to solve the matter. See what I mean about non of them having a clue, the old harbour is a major tourist spot and all the boats that take peopleout for day trips operate from here, plus there are numerous lovely restaurants, yet nobody seems to recognise the importance.

Another Swiss conference is planned for next month to once again try to find a common ground for bringing the North and the South together as one. My feeling is that in another 40 years time they will still be trying to resolve this problem, unless of course some solution is forced on them by the UN backed by other governments. President Akinci is saying that they have reached a critical point in the talks, but a solution will require compromise. We await the outcome, especially as it is rumoured that Presidents and PMs from Turkey, Greece and UK will also attend as they are te guarantor powers on the island.

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