Joan has still been suffering with her bad back, it just won't seem to go away, so we have made another appointment with the specialist for this afternoon. I don't suppose that the back pain is being helped too much by the tremendous thundersorms and torrential rain we have been having. She is driving around with me and a hot water bottle in her back, I have bought heat pads as well as warmth seems to help lots.

Anyway we first went to the Ship hotel to meet up with the girls that Joan normally does exercise and swimming classes with, to hand out Xmas cards and chinwag a little. After this we both went across the road to Magarina Bulli for lunch. This is a traditional Turkish style restaurant where you just have to have some os what has been cooked for the day. This place has recently changed hands and what used to be a superb cheap meal has gone downhill rapidly. What we got was still very tasty, but much smaller portions and unfortunately, cold. We for one will not be going back, which is a great shame as it used to be very enjoyable.

At 2.15 we saw the specialist, Dr Kalguy, and he went through Joan's CT scan results again very carefully and confirmed that the problem was definitely muscular and would take probably another 3/4 weeks to clear up. He did give her a prescription for some strong pain killers and suggested that the hot water bottle and heat pads were a good interim solution until the pain eased down.

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