Last night we had very heavy rain ans hailstones for most of the night. The poor cats go out when they need to, come back in a scream to get us to get out their old towels and dry them down. It is difficult to get them to get up from their warm comfortable beds in front of the fire, but who can blame them.

December 24th


Something else I forgot to show you on the site. About two weeks agon on one of our dry days we had to go into the local tyre shop as I seemed to have a slow puncture on one rear tyre, in fact some guy had flashed me to point out the problem. Strange that, a couteous Turkish Cypriot, very nice of him. Well the lad at the tyre bay took off my wheel and pointed to a nail which I had clearly picked up somewhere. Whilst he was fixing the problem, at a total cost, including a tip for him, of 20 TL, Joan was busy giving attention to the owners dog, scratching his tummy and then watching him cover his nose as his way of asking for more.

The tyre shop 2


The tyre shop 1















 December 24th means the last Cyprus Today for this year as they are not going to print on New Years day, so lets have a look at what they have found to delight us with today. The main headline says " North Coast Battered by Storms"  But I have already been saying this to you, now however it seems likely that the lighthouse at the entrance to the old tourist harbour is in danger of collapse. Some of the boats are in danger of damage and of course the owners are shouting again as they have been asking different governments over the years to do something about the dodgy harbour wall. The boat owners are saying that they are fighting every night during these storms, the waves are snapping chains and ropes and two boats have sunk inside the harbour. The government has agreed another meeting to set up a crisis group, next Monday. Too little, too late say the boat owners, you have ignored our please or years and if the old wall finally collapses it wil spell disaster for the boat owners and for tourism.

A buglery gang has been caught after dozens of Girne area break ins. Foreign home owners are being urged to check on their properties now. Police say that 11 of the properties belong to foreigners but that they have only been able to contact five owners. Good reason to have a reliable property manager to check your property regularly. The police operation caught a gang of 5 and recovered TVs, laptops, I-pads, mobile phones other electronc items and jewellery. This gang are suspected of targetting at least 25 homes and the police found at least 80 keys, some with name tags, in the bedside drawer of the alleged gang leader. In adition another 10 people have been arrested for allegedly purchasing the stolen items. Cyprus Tday as a list of known affected properties and can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

There is now definitely to be an International Conference on 12th January for what is hoped to be an agreement about reunification. Mrs May is saying that the UK is ready to attend, but not that she will attend. Greece and Turkey have also agreed to attend, but Mr Akinci is saying this is a last chance conference and before agreeing to a referendum of his people in TRNC, requires an agreement on a rotating presidency. Can't see the South agreeing to that so maybe it is now a final chance.



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