Christmas day and we hope that all of you have a good one with lots of food and the odd drinkie. Enjoy your time with family and friends it is what makes the world go round.

Joan and I went off to church for a earlier 10 am service, as I am still acting as Treasurer in the absence of Shane. We were home by 12 noon and I went off to collect Barbara Smith who is having, what is probably her last Christmas dinner here on TRNC, as she hopes to be going back to UK late January.

Joan cooked the usual turkey, roast pots and veg, including of course those fresh sprouts that so many hate. Barbara brought a bottle os bubbly which we all sat and drank whilst the dinner was cooking. We believe that Barbara was grateful for the invite and enjoyed her meal, it will be sad to see her go as we have known her since 2012 when she came over with her husband Michael, who became a great friend of mine, but who unfortunately died of a heart attack 10 years ago.

In the evening, after Barbara had gone home, Omac our Cypriot friend came round bearing a bottle of red and a Xmas present for Joan from his wife. We had an enjoyable chin wagging session and he finally went back to his villa at 11.30.

Altogether a pleasant day if a little quieter than usual. We are seriously thinking to go away for Xmas next year.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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