Yesterday I spent most of the day with Danny the BRS Treasurer completing their annual audit. It was necessary to do this early in the year because Danny is off to UK for a couple of months and needed to involve Kim, the lady taking over, so that she could do the job whilst he is away.

In the evening the Layabouts went to the Seapoint restaurant, the one with the lovely big wood burner in the middle of the room.

Today we had an entertaining day at home. Across on the farm they atre building a three bedroom villa for one of the sons, but unfortunately all the rain we have had over the last month has turned the field into a sort of quagmire. So there is a major poblem in getting building materials to the site.

January 6th 1


Much to our surprise a truck from the builders merchants came down the road with 9 pallets of building blocks loaded. the driver stopped, looked at the field and then for some unknown intelligent reason set off across the field. The result is clear to see.

January 6th 3


Eventually after much deliberation, the builders went off to the farm to get Mustfa and his tractor. But this was one day when even Massey Ferguson was not man enough for the job.

January 6th 5

Eventually after about 1 hour of trying the driver of the truck decided that the only way he was going to get home today was to use his on-board crane and lift the pallets off one by one and pop them in the muddy field. Having done this it then took another 1.5 hours of wheel spinning, pushing, shouting and directing to get out. In the process he managed to back into our chainlink fencing, bringing one of the metal posts out of the ground and finally leaving a real mess to be cleared up at some later date.

January 6th 8

January 6th 10

With all this work our private road is in a real mess, but there is a promise to clear it all up at the end, here's hoping !

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