Winter is still with us so we went to have a quick look around the Lambousa Market, which is on every Saturday, but it was quite noticeable that many od the regular stall holders had not bothered to turn up, it is still too cold for many. We did go down to the weekly market opposite the Cabin restaurant as this is attracting a couple of fruit and veg sellers. We believe these to be locals with small holdings around the area as everything is very fresh and extreemly tasty. Joan has researched the best methods of keeping, brocoli, cauliflower, carrots etc and we find that we can eat some of these things more than 1 week after purchase and they are still very fresh

After the market visits and buying a weekly newspaper we ent down town to pay for Joan's car insurance, due on Monday. She says, at least that is over for another year.

Main headline this week. "ONE LAST PUSH" this of course refers to the meetings in Switzerland between the North and the South. They are still trying, but it is worrying that the North might just give way on so much just to reach and agreement. It is of course important to remember that whatever the politicians agree, there has to be a referendum. But then what is the value of the UK referendum on Brexit ?

This weeks meeting was attended by not only the ministers and cabinet members of both sides, but also by by the Foreign Ministers of Greece, Turkey and the UK. These three are of course the so called Guarantor Parties for the island. I still can't believe that these two peoples can ever reach a power sharing agreement and this is backed up by people such as Turkish President, Erdogan openly saying that "the Greek side was once again avoiding a solution" and warning that a he had told Cyprus and Greece clearly that they should not expect a solution without Turkey as guarantor. Which means, "Our Army Stays."

The pile up of post is now being sorted. There is always a huge backlog of post going either in or out of TRNS through Turkey. Christmas cards posted in mid or early December in UK are only just arriving. There are always numerous excuses as to why but never a solution. For example our UK account bank statements for October and November have long been received but the September statement is still missing. Thank heavens for On-line banking !!

Fuel prices are going up again. Why is they say because of the Turkish Lira exchange rates against major world currencies. For example the £ versus the TL has gone from 3.85 to a new rate of 4.66 TL = £1.00. Great for those of us geting our pensions in Sterling Pounds but not so great if you earn TL and need to buy your new products in overseas currencies.

A TRNC lawyer has been barred from practice for only 30 months for misappropriating £65,000 belonging to a client. Typical of the sort of justice we get in TRNC, he should have been barred for life. So be aware if your lawyer is Mentes Aziz you should get control of your money again quickly.



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