This coming weekend is going to be a sad one for many of us, our friend Barbara Smith is going back to the UK permanently. She was 80 years old recently and is beginning to suffer from ill health and needs more care than she can really get here. Her son & daughter were over recently and had promised to try to find an apartment for her close to family in the Leeds area, that way she can be looked after by her family and by she hopes NHS care. Barbara is herself a retired nurse so is well aware of the problems within the NHS but also knows that she cannot get any sort of care such as is available in UK, whilst she remains in TRNC.

Barbara's daughter, Caron has managed to find a ground floor apartment in a warden assisted block within 10 minutes from her own place. She also has grandchildren with their own families within striking distance, so we agree that it seems to be the best solution for her, but it will be sad to say cheerio to her. Joan and I moved in to our own villa, only two doiors away from her and husband Michael, only two months after they arrived on the island. Sadly Michael passed away 7 years ago so Barbara has been on her own for some time now, I have found an old 2005 photo of the two of them together at the BRS Summer Ball, which we attended together.

10th June 2005

Barbara's daughter arrived last weekend to escort her back to UK and together with the rest of the Lapta Layabouts we had arranged to go to Morreli's Restaurant in Girne. Unfortunately Barbara did not feel up to it when it came down to time to go out, or maybe she just felt that the occasion would be too sad, so that left only the six of us to enjoy a meal together.


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