Joan was on duty at the BRS stand on Lambousa Market this morning, taking renewal fees for membership etc, together with Peter Wilkins one of the newer commitee members. That left me to do the market run for fresh veg and as Pat is still not allowed to drive, courtesy of her doctor, I picked her up and we went first to Lambousa and then down to the fresh produce market. Managed to get a really nice cauili,a brocolli and some nice looking potatoes, hopefully Joan will be happy with my efforts.

Of course I bought the weekly newspaper whilst out, so lets see what it has served up this week.

Very interesting. " TRAFFIC CHAOS WILL CONTINUE" . In Girne they are doing major road repairs and sewage pipe works but unfortunately there are no sensible diversions and certainly none that are even reasonably signposted. What happens of course is that evrybody pushes for the best spot on the road, blocking roundabouts and road junctions, but all this is in the nature of the people so we will just have to put up with it.

Next peace talks set for Thursday. Both leaders have come under fire from there own sides for their handling of the negotiations, but still they press on fighting a lost cause. Both men keep talking about positive forward meetings but nobody really knows what is positive. There are still some major stumbling blocks, particularily that of guarantee countries and their respective soldiers. Greek side wants them abolished, Turkish Cypriots want them to remain, maybe they remember what happened back in the 60s & 70s when genocide was rife. .People say that the Turkish Cypriots are dissapointed in the results of the International Conference results following very high expectations promised.

Here we go again. Dozens injured in crashes involving 5 cars. Once again, head on collisions in daylight, could it possibly be the old overtaking on a blind corner bit again? Another incident is when a female university student ran over a 74 year old man and then left him lying there with a broken hip. She probably is saying that she didn't know she had hit him !!!! Another woman has been sentenced to three years for killing her husband and two other men in a head-on crash, she is now crippled in a wheel chair herself but was found guilty on eight charges of dangerous driving.

Beware all of you who have a holiday home over here and who still have mechanical water meters. You will in future be charged for 5 tons of water each month regardless iof usage, 


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