Yesterday evening we went down to Lokman's restaurant in Alsancak with Omac, for a supper of fish & chips. When we walked in there we met Lyndon, one of the owners of The Property Stop, an estate agency here. I jokingly said to him, "have you not sold Anne Lloyds villa yet" he said that he had not realised that we were friends of Anne's. This then resulted in a conversation around a previous Friday visit he had made with some potential buyers. He said he opened the door to be met with a horrible smell which he realised was caused by a power cut, which had tripped power to Anne's frreezer and fridge. It must have been off for some time because everything had defrosted and the kitchen floor was in a pretty nasty state.

Joan made an arrangement with him to:- E-mail to Anne,  collect the key from Lyndon if Anne is OK with that and go down to try to resolve the problem. We both went to have a look and he was right, quite disgusting but then when we all realised that the last power cut in Karsiyaka was around New Year it was obvious why everything was rotten. So it was plastic bags to the ready, after we had pulled the machines out to switch off the power again, because Lyndon had done the only thing he could, identify the offending trip switch and reset it. This meant of course that everyting had now refrozen and was quite solid in the drawers etc, so we had to leave it al for 4/5 hours and then go back to remove stuff and take it down the road to the big communal bin. Once all this had been done Joan was able to start the big clean.

Strangly Anne reminded us that this was the second time that we had cleaned her kitchen floor. When we lived in France we had come over to TRNC and stayed in Anne's villa whilst she was away. We had loaded her dishwasher, switched it on and then gone shopping. When we returned the kitchen floor was flooded, some sort of blockage in the pipework, so we had to set to and clear it up. Anybodt would think we needed practice at cleaning Anne's kitchen floor !!!

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