Last evening the gang went to Tuvetuloa Restaurant in Alsancak, in this one you get loads of Turkish Mezze starters followed by what you order as you main meal. In fact often you have eaten so much of the delicious mezze that you struggle to eat your main course. But whatever it was good and we all six of us enjoyed it but it is a great shame that winter time still prevails and we were the only customers in the restaurant.

Today is newspaper day so a quick look at the headline is quite startling.  "Clarify Expat Residency Law". This sort of headline makes one panic a bit and read on quite dillegently. In fact it is a total red herring. Apparently one couple where told that that they could no longer able to live here because they had sold their property to pay for cancer treatment. The woman who was told this was under 60, therefore needed to renew her residency annually, but because they no longer had title deeds to a property, they had been told this by an immigration officer. In fact on ivestigation nothing has changed, either you need to have bought a property and ultimately get title deeds, or rent, as Joan and I do now, which gives us a rental contract which gives us residency rights just as title deeds. So it boils down to the fact that nothing has changed and the same residency regulations still apply.

Another ridiculous regulation which saw a London Cypriot being arrested. This guy, coming over for a 2 week holiday before Christmas, spotted a wallet in Ercan duty free after arriving late in the evening from London, he didn't find a policeman at the time so took the wallet and handed it in the next day in the village where he was staying. The wallet was comlete with all the money and cards still in it, but it seems he broke the law by not handing it in immediately and it is considered theft with a maximum sentence of 3 years. He had been held in house arrest since this event and then finally as they had only taken his identity card he went across the border and got a flight out of Larnaca, but now if he ever returns he will not only face the original charge but an added charge for illegally leaving the country. How stupid is all this, he stole nothing and handed in the wallet complete.

Finally ubions are coming out with the hard line. I have reported frequently that the Kibtek Electricity authority are owed million , espacially by government departments. Now finally the threat is WE WILL CUT YOU OFF. Not before time, householders are regularily cut off for non payment so why not official government departments and hotels who seem to get away with not paying. Strangely it seems that the Finance Ministry is the biggest culprit !!!!

He we go again. "Pedestrian dies and two others injured in week of crashes". It seems that a bakery van, out and about at 1 40am last Saturday hit a guy and flung him through the air and he died instantly. A second guy was hit by the same van and he is now in hospital with multiple broken bones. The police say that the driver was doing 65 kmph, he says 60 kmph but there is an admition that there was no street lighting and the guys were walking in the road. How many times have we been driving home in poorly lit roads and seen people dressed all in black walking in the road, you need to be so very very careful here.

Another International Summit is planned for next month. How many times can they sit around talking about bringing the North and the Soth together, but getting nowhere ?



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