"Poison duty" as we call it, means that we are on Tea & Coffee duty after church today. At least we don't have to worry about dinner tonight as Joan has booked us in for one of Vickie's Sunday roasts at the Black Olive this afternoon. We especially wanted to go today and meet up with Sue and Trevor Harrison who are heading off back to the UK in 10 days time. Sue wants to be around when her newest grandchild is growing up as she says she missed all that when her older grandchildren were born. In those days she was working full time so missed the opportunities to be a Granny. They managed to sell their apartment quite quickly and already have a new home in Sheffield. We wish them well but no doubt will see them often as they have agreed to come back and dog/house sit for friends on a regular basis.

Traditional Sunday roast with three veg, roasties and in my case an apple crumble and custard to follow, nice.

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