Valentines day, so there was only one thing to do go out together to one of our facourite restaurants, the Calamari down on the Lapta strip. This restaurant as the name would suggest, specialise in seafood as well as having an extensive European menu. In addition to which you sit at a table with a lovely sea view even late at night.


February 14th


We selected their seafood special, which meant having a full traditional Turkish Meze with masses of small seafood dishes to enjoy as a starter and then when we had our full of this we then got a seabream and a seabass grilled on a BBQ style oven. Full to bursting is all we could say, but we were allowed to take our time and call for the courses as we wanted them which allowed one bit to settle before we tucked in to the next. Absolutely delicious is all I can say and it was finally topped of with a special pudding to celebrate the night.


February 14th 2


Coffee and brandy finished off the night very nicely and we made it home safely before midnight. At least my Toyota didn't turn back into a pumpkin.



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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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