Oh dear, today's newspaper is reporting a rider killed after an accident with a Brit out on the Catalkoy road. We do not often hear about very many accidents involving ex-pat drivers, mainly I suppose because generally speaking we have been better trained and are more aware of the dangers here on the TRNC roads. The person who was killed was a delivery rider for a Girne Kebab house. The report states that the English guy was driving towards Girne and he veered across the road at the Cornaro junction hitting the scooter driver. The Englishman is being held in police custody but is involved in a hospital health check. Should he eventually appear in court on a charge of causing death by careless driving, then he could face up to seven years in prison, hopefully not as he is 73 years old now.

More about the talks. Our man, President Arkinci, has pulled out of a scheduled meeting and says that he refuses to return to the negotiating table before the South Cyprus government rescinds it's decision to celebrate Enoisis with Greece in schools on an annual basis. The big problem here is not just this decision but the continuous teaching in the school curriculum that promotes hatred of the Turkish Cypriots and portrays them as barbarians among other things. If you start teaching young children such things then it is indoctrinated at an early age and stays with them. I think many of us still believe that the poor man has no hope of reaching an amicable solution.

A new survey has taken place revealing that:- using a mobile phone whilst driving, not using a seat belt, speeding, continue to be TRNC's top driving offences. Over 500 people were interviewed to get these results and 94% of them said they regularily witnessed dangerous driving and when questioned as to what hey saw as the most common traffic hazard, most said speeding motorcycle delivery riders and unsafe lorries.

Who remembers Gary Robb and his famous Amaranta Valley scheme that ended in financial disaster for many? Well Akan Gurkan, the lawyer who represented British expats who had bought into the scheme, was killed in a high speed crash on the Lefkosa/Girne road last Saturday. It appears that he lost control, crossed the central reservation and was thrown out of the car when he hit the barriers on the opposite side of the dual carriageway. He was not wearing his seatbelt !!

A leading local business man has slammed the TRNC government and the people for failing to protect the town of Girne, once dubbed the "pearl of the Mediterranean". Mr Erbil Arkin, head of the group which owns the Colony and Palm beach hotels said "Shame on us all. We f****ed up Kyrenia. We are all at fault, especially our politicians and our greed" The municipality is only now seeking help from professional town planners, but if you see the proliferation of high rise developments, you would say TOO LATE.

Enough of the dark stuff the sun is shining at last, time to sit outside with a coffee.




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