Last week's report of the fatal crash involving a 73 year old Brit has been expanded now. It appears that the guy has been undergoing chemo treatment and has a brain abscess which could cause him to pass out, so maybe this was the reason for him verring across the road. He is now back home but appeared in court last Saturday facing charges of causing death by careless driving. I suppose we will have to await the final outcome, but if he was undergoing medical treatment you would have expected him to have been told not to drive.

There is a proposition before parliament to electronically chip all vehicles and this will only happen if MOT, emission controls, insurance and road tax has been paid. The suggestion that if your vehicle does not pass muster on all counts, you will be unable to buy fuel. I presume that there are to be some sort of sensing devices installed at petrol stations which will allow fuel to be given. Interesting idea and is being introduced because the government is aware that up to 70% bof the vehicles on the road have no vehicle tax. This of course makes for a huge loss of income to the government. It will be interesting to see if the scheme gets through parliament.

Kibtek, the Eletricity Authority is running into serious trouble. Many local authorities, large hotels etc do not pay their electric bills and they don't seem to have an effective way of enforcing payment. This means that they are unable to buy fuel for the power station generators, so we could be in for some major blackouts in the near future.

They are at it again this week. One man has died and 7 others are injured in another week of road accidents. The death was because a car driven by a 45 year old man veered across the road and collided head on with another being driven by a 30 year old. This occured at 1.30 AM and one wonders were he was coming from at that time.

A great evening was had at the Veni Vici restaurant here in Lapta. The occasion was Shiela's 70'th birthday. Fourteen of us helped her celebrate not only her birthday but also the birth of her new grandson over in Belfast.

4th March 1


A nice evening with good food and a little wine to help the occasion on it's way. This is one of the groups favourite restaurants and always does us proud.

4th March 2


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