Another expat couple causing trouble. It seems that they had been having problems with flooding so arranged for a contractor to come in and remove some soil that was the cause of the problem. however this contractor/builder just dumped the land on some olive grove area next door but had clearly not considered contacting the owner of the land. Logically the land owner is complaining and threatening them with legal action, which the police say could cause them to be arrested. The action has now made front page news, strange I say, because you would not consider doing this sort of thing in UK without first checking with your neighbour. The thing that expats need to realise is that if this had been a TC putting soil on land owned by another TC, then probably nothing would have been said, providing of course the soil was removed within a short period of time, but in this case the land owner sees the opportunity to get some financial gain from what was done.

The postal service is once again in the news. Thousands of letters and over 100 official communications from UK and other European government departments are sitting in Girne Post Office awaiting collection or delivery. Currently there is only 1 postman covering deliveries to a 45,000 population. No replacement staff have been recruited after 2 existing people have retired and with all the new building work going on in Girne the population is on the increase. So if you think you are due mail I would suggest you go down to Girne main Post Office and ask them to look for you.

The new possible road tax scheme discussed last week has sparked complaints, now there is a surprise !  An amnesty has been offered to all those who have been driving around with no tax, they can pay 1 or 2 years tax fees as a sort of catch up and to become legal. The government argues that the new scheme will bring everybody into line and the system which will be done by vehicle tagging will prevent non payers from getting fuel means all the extra income coming in to the government coffers can be used on the roads. That last bit we must wait and see. 

Bus and taxi fares have been increased  by over 25%. The unions have succesfully argued that there have been fuel price increases but no allowance for this on government contolled pricing.

After the reported road accident 2 weeks ago, resulting in the death of a delivery driver on a scooter and the expat driver having health problems, a call is now going out for elderly drivers and the sick to have compulsory health checks. This is being proposed by the head the TRNC driving instructors union. My feeling is that he should in addition concentrate on sorting out proper driving instruction and proper driving tests.

Today being the actual birthday for Joan I had agreed that we should go to Veni Vici for dinner. Joan's choice and we included Omac in this as he was back over for the weekend. It was his first visit to our well known Italian restaurant and he was full of praise and thoroughly enjoyed the evening out.


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