A horrendous story in today's weekly newspaper. An unlicensed lorry driver crashed head on into a car and killed the car driver instantly. This problem was then made worse because the dead drivers wife had a heart attack and she also died three days after her husband, leaving two young children as orphans.

The lorry driver had a work permit to be a dishwasher and no driving licence, the company that owned the lorry has now had it's directors arrested as it seems that on investigation the vehicle number plates did not match up to the lorry paperwork detail. This sort of thing, apart from the tradgedy that occured is indicative of the corruption that abounds here in TRNC and who knows how many others are getting away with this sort of scheme, with the foreign lorry driver possibly unaware of the consequences of driving illegally here. The fine handed down to the firm who owned the lorry and who employed the driver illegally was the maximum of 2,020 TL (£450.00). Could you imagine the consequences in Europe of this sort of thing ? It is quite amazing that the head of the traffic accident prevention group could the issue the following statement, "there are many people driving on the roads without a licence". Question, why does the government not do something about it ? Maybe start by getting the police out of their offices, flood the roads with traffic stops, impound vehicles where there are licencing and insurances discrepencies followed by some really heavy fines. Just maybe people would start to sit up and take notice. The major problem here is that many police are not issueing .fines etc because the people are probably related in some way.

In this instance the family of the deceased are threatening to launch legal actions against, the transportatin firm that employed the lorry driver, the driver himself and the government who they say do not properly regulate employment practices. I wish them well with this sort of action because they will probably find that the judge will be related in some way to those who are having the action taken against them, it's the way of the world here.

Last Tuesday the amnesty began on road traffic tax dodgers. Providing the vehicle owners have a valid MOT they will be allowed to pay only two years road tax on vehicles that are up to 15 years out of date on road tax, with no additional fine for non-payment. The government says that a crack down on drivers without road tax will follow this 90 day period and at the same time they are trying to introduce electronic chipping of all vehicles, so that those who have not got the regulation paperwork will not be able to buy fuel. An interesting concept, if it works.

Some of our Irish friends where bouncing around in glee after their win on the rugby field today, I guess it will be some time before they stop rubbing it in.

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