Saturday is of course Chateau Lambousa market day. Joan was working today on the BRS stand, taking new memberships and renewals so I went round on my own picked up a couple of books to read, some quiches and a pork pie, to take to the Hermitage tomorrow after church for the communal lunch. Must remember to take some knives, forks, plates and of course some wine glasses

.May 14th

Just one view of the market, which occurs every Saturday and is very well attended. You can buy new and 2nd hand clothing, books, plants, and most important are the food stands where everything is home made so really tasty. Just like any market, we have our favourite food stalls for those days when we don't feel like cooking for ourselves.

After my visit to the market I went off to see the guy we call "Metal Mickey" a guy who does things with wrought iron. I needed, for the church, a price for a new stand near the alter where candles can be placed and lit. At the moment all we have is a wooden box with sand for the candles to be placed in, doesn't look very nice.

Whilst out shopping, I of course bought the Saturday paper. 

I don't know who is responsible for the main headlines but this one was a real frightener and so far over the top it was ridiculous. "MEDICAL STAFF LEFT WOMAN IN A BLOODBATH " Wow you might say and you would be right. The truth of the matter is that the woman, a local lady, suffers from high blood pressure, so obviously bleeds easily. It seems that she tried to intervene in a dog fight at home and was bitten on the wrist. She clearly bled profusely. neighbours called for an ambulance. The ambulance staff it seems, according to neighbourly reports, only offered some gauze for the wounds, told the lady to clean herself up and go and see a doctor the following day. It seems as if neighbours took her to a private hospital in Girne where they are supposed to have put in 20 stitches, unfortunately in the photos on page 6 there only appears to be 6/7 stitches. Why do I think somebody is trying for compensation !!

A Brexit row hits the TRNC. The BRS issued some information on their website advising us how we could register to vote in the referendum. Unfortunately this was linked to a report that we were asked to put out by the BBC entitled "the case to remain" and this upset a number of people as they refused to be dictated to by some unknown mw=ember of parleament. Oops !

We are still getting full page advertsements about fleas, ticks and other parasites on our pets. It can be a serious problem if we don't treat with preventative medicine. They seem to have stopped warnings about snakes but these can kill animals if not handled correctly and quickly. Early last week, our Smudge must have found a small snake and unknown to us proceeded to eat it. She was very sick, and that is when we saw the snake skin she brought up. Fortunately giving her some special cat food almost immediately seems to have cured the problem and she seems bright and cheerful again.

On the two Opinion pages much is written about the state of the economy here. The new coalition Finance Minister has quoted a 4.5 billion TL budget but we already have a 16 billion TL debt to Turkey, four times the budget for 2016. So basically we cannot afford to repay our debt so basically we are a bankrupt state, but I think we already knew that. So pray tell me, how joining forces with the Greek Cypriots, who have a 61.5 billion euros debt to the EU, will fix the problem.

Finally lets keep our fingers and toes crossed for Liverpool next Wednesday for their Europa League final against Seville. 


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