"Ercan braced for flight chaos" says the headline, probably because they wont have a clue how to handle all the people who have not heard or read about the ban on laptops etc on flights. Logic says that all flights from Ercan must stop over in Turkey and as Turkey is included on the banned list countries accepting flights inbound then I would suggest that the obvious thing to do is to put your computer equipment in your hold luggage. The major problem is that there is a scanner at the entrance of the airport but in all the years I have been going through Ercan, there is rarely anybody manning the thing. This would be a logical place to stop everybody and advise that computers must go into your hold luggage, because the next thing you do is check in and lose your suitcase to the handlers. If you computer is in your hand luggage then too late would be the cry unless the airport staff have devised some way of loading this stuff separately. Guess there might be some fun initially until the message gets through.

Remember the articles some months ago about somebody setting cars on fire in a Lefkosa dealers. The suggestion at the time was that this was some sort of protection racket. Well the guy was caught, has now been up in court and has been given nine years in jail, maybe he will give up smoking whilst in there ?

The trial of the lorry driver who killed three people on the mountain road in November last year, colliding head on with a school bus on the mountain road that comes over by five fingers. He is charged with, careless and negligent driving, dangerous driving and driving without a licence. The guy was at the wheel of a cement truck when he crossed to the wrong side of the road and hit the bus head on. 

It is happening again, three people where arrested on suspicion of drink driving following a series of accidents resulting in eight people being injured, one of them seriously. One of these accidents happened here near Lapta cemetary in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Another failed to notice the unlit roundabout near Girne American University and crashed into a fiel 6 feet below the road level, the driver escaped injury but 4 of his passengers needed hospital treatment, none where in a serious condition. Another car driver tested positive for alcohol after he collided with a 17 year old, unlicenced, delivery driver which left consignments of fod and drink scattered across the road.

There is a claim in the paper that the the woman who was killed on Westminster Bridge last week had aTurkish Cypriot origins. It is claimed that her father originally came from Paphos but obviously must have gone to UK before the 1974 intervention by the Turkish Army, met and married a lady who was Spanish in UK.

President Akinci is now suggesting that he is willing to resume talks if the Greek Cypriots correct their mistake of getting schools to celebrate "Eonisis" (union with Greece) this June. Can't personally see that he will get any further with a resolution than anybody else has done over the last 40+ years.

Guess UK's brexit negotiations wil take less time than the TRNC and Greek Cypriot negotiations have done. Here's hoping so anyway.

Later on in the afternoon, Joan and I went around to Barbara Smiths old place to pick some wild flowers from the area outside. Joan had agreed to make 6 flower posies to take to church tomorrow for the Mothering Sunday service.

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