Another TRNC funny. Joan went down to Girne Tax Office yesterday as her road tax runs out on 31 March. She was told but you can't tax the car today as it is not April yet. Doesn't seem to matter that she is now technically illegal, she was just told to come back anytime in April that will be OK. Only in the TRNC !!!!

The Cyprus Today staff have been busy with photshop we think as there is a picture of our President Akinci shaking hands with Trump, supposedly in Washington. The article says he is there for hush hush talks to end the stalemate on the peace talks here. Good job it is 1st April otherwise you might just believe the story.

The headline today is about a tougher scrutiny of private clinics, this after the medics have been jailed for the illegal abortions that took place last year. Three have been jailed for five, four and two years respectively for terminating pregnancies beyond the allowed 10 week limit. This of course has now prompted calls for an extension of the limit on when pregnancies can be terminated.I think the problem is going to be who has the ability to control these clinics.

They are now going to quadrouple the fines for using mobile phones whilst driving. The plan is for a fine of 800 TL plus 30 points on your licence, but still say education of the problems this can cause would be a better solution.

Sad case here in Karsiyaka. A British expat was found hanged at her own home last Thursday. It seems that the lady has lived in Karsiyaka with her husband for a number of years. Friends are saying that they had no idea that she was troubled and had been looking forward to a holiday in Turkey later in the month.

There are plans to open up two new checkpoints allowing crossings to the Greek side of the island. This was proposed more than two years ago, but not reaching fruition yet. People who have been pushing for these crossings say that 23 months after agreement by both heads of state, they are still just playing lip service to the idea.

One of our eco villages had proposed a camel wrestling competition at the annual village fete. Animal rights activists have succeded in getting the idea blocked. Aparantly this so called sport happens in Turkey, where they get two male camels to attack one another by parading a female camel that is on heat in front of them. Strange things happen in our little world.


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