Busy day today, not intended but just happened. Took Joan down to the tax office again to do the annual tax on her car. I just dropped her off and went to turn around, unfortunately a big Merc taxi decided to smack into the rear side of my car as I was completing this manoeuvre.which meant true to form here we had to get the police involved. Considering the moderate damage, I felt that three police cars was a bit of overkill but nevertheless seemed to get the job done. The damage is not ezxcessive but inconvenient. 

March 4th 2017 1

March 4th 2017 2

Still I suppose that not only will insurance pay for the damage, I will get the car washed as well. On instructions from the police I followed the taxi driver to a repair shop near the main police station where they noted all the damage, took copies of licences, documents etc and said they would call me.

Having spent time doing that we then nipped over the border to get cat food etc in preparation for their trip to the cattery on the 17th of the month and then got back just in time to meet the Forestry Commision man who had come to look at the huge trees in the ravine at the back of our garden. We were seeing if we could lop a few feet off the top to give us more light, but apparently this is not allowed. However, Mustafa, the man from the forestry commission said, call me when you get back from UK and I will come and clean all the lower areas for you.


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