Pentacost Sunday and Rev Wendy had decided that she wanted one of the readings done in multi- languages, so muggings here got to do it in Dutch. The other languages included Russian, Welsh, French and acouple of African languages. The whole service was much longer than usual as it was also the date to swear in the Church Wardens, Sides People and the newly elected Council.

Afterwards we all moved to the gardens of the Hermitage for a "Bring & Share" lunch. There was an abundance of very good food and some lovely puddings. Joan and I had cheated a little by getting three different quiches and a large pork pie from Jacquie at Lambousa market yesterday, but they all dissapeared together with green salads, potato salad etc prepared by others. Pat ran her bar as usual with the profits going to Church funds.May 15th 1

                                      Rev Wendy saying grace prior to us all diving in to lunch.

Lunch was laid out on the patio area of The Hermitage, buffet style with Gloria doing her controlling bit and calling us up table by table.

Once most people had headed off home, around 4 p.m. Rev Wendy suggested that those who had done lots of the work should sit down and enjoy another glass of wine.

May 15th 2

                   Could that be the communion wine Wendy is hiding behind her back, but you can bet Joan knows where it is !


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