Another wake up call for the so called unity between the North and the South. The European Court of Human Rights has slammed the court in the South for their handling of the 12 year old murder of a Turkish Cypriot, his wife and their 10 year old daughter. The court said they failed to cooperate, as did Ankara, in bringing the perpetraters to justice. The courts in the South said they feared that lending legitimacy to the TRNC and that Turkey wielded international recognition to the TRNC. Another wake up call as to why they will never recognise the legitimacy of the TRNC.

Joke of the week. An Anti-drugs campaigner's son has been held for smuggling cannabis across the green line. Four young guys where arrested at the Locmaci checkpoint last Thursday, one of which is the son of the head of the Prime Ministers Fight Against Drugs Commission !!!!!

A British Driver, 66 years old was driving near the Elexus Hotel around 6 pm on Friday, when his car left the road, overturned down a banking and he had to be pulled out by paramedics, firefighters and police. He was found to be 10 X over the drink drive limit. He has been bailed pending prosecution. Suggestion, deport him then he can get caught again in UK and be thrown in jail we don't need that sort of reputation over here.

A Turkish ambassador, residing in Lefkosa, has criticised the qualityof work performed by locals and in particular the "lax" approach to roadworks. Since the water from Turkey came nder the sea, it is very clear that the pipes laid here locally to distribute this water have been put in in a very slip shod manner and are now starting to leak. 

I have been going to the basement gym at The Rose Garden hotel, three times a week for a few months now. Last weekend I was really staggered to hear that Ekram, the hotel manager and an enthouiastic body builder, had had a heart attack and died over the weekend. He was only 34 years old and will be sorely missed at the hotel.

Here we go again. The talks are to resume this coming week. It seems as if the Greek's have finally backed down over commemorating Eonisis, the union with Greece, in schools in the South. One stumbling block over but guess it is time for our President Akinci to realise that there is only one real solution that they seek.

Because Joan had been given a free dinner voucher by Nadine at Veni Vici for her birthday last month, we made the easy decision to go there to eat tonight. Meant of course that I was paying for my dinner and the drinks we had, but very enjoyable as always. We both commented on the occupants of two other tables of two near us, on both tables the occupants spent to whole time sending text messages or writing on their facebook accounts, I am a firm believer in the right of restaurants to make you log in your mobile when you enter, the art of conversation is not dead folks.




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