Joan and I decided to try out the new Chinese restaurant here in Lapta. It is in fact the same two people who have moved from the Green Lotus take away to new premises on the Lapta/ Alsancak border were they have space for an outdoor area and an upstairs unit for winter use. Good thinking, as it means that they are planning to stay open through the winter period for us locals. The premises are easily spotted on the left of the main road going in the Girne direction.

The food was excellent but they struggled a little with service, the owner told us that they have recruited another front of house member but that she had to go quickly to UK for a family crisis. I also said that they needed some plate warmers to put the food on, as sitting outside it went cold very quickly. He told us that they have those candle plate warmers but had not used them, shame really.

Also the drinks were very expensive because we paid a regular 8 TL for a local G&T but only got half a glass. Somebody needs to tell hime what elsewhere happens.

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