Norman's first day so we had a lazy morning and then went down to the old harbour to deliver the Marine Radio and Fish Finder that Kantan had asked me to get from UK and get Norman to carry across. Good move really as we were able to organise to have dinner for the gang on the boat next Thursday. I was also paid for the equipment that had gone on our UK bank account. I suppose this is abit like a money laundering scheme, pay Amazon for some gear, get somebody to bring it across and then get paid in local currency. Your only risk is the exchange rate on the day.

After spending some time on the boat, the three of us went up to the town for a ber at George's bar in the square. The favourite meeting place for ex-pats and tourists. Joan left the two of us there as she wandered down the high street looking for some new light weight trainers for her Zumba classes, She had no success initially until I remembered about a shoe shop that we had visited some time ago, success this time, some very with it dark blue trainers with a yellow lining and a yellow stripe. Don't know if they will make her dance any better, but ahe certainly looks the part.


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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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