This week has rapidly become a week of eating out in local restaurants, I suppose that this is quite normal when you have a visitor who also enjoys good food and nice ambiances to eat in. Last night we took Norman down to the Cabin restaurant, one of our regular haunts, bot this evening was to be something special. During last year we had gone down to Kantan & Tanya's boat and had dinner on board

                                                                                                      .May 26th 4

This year, when Earl Moffet came back to play the organ in church for us, he especially asked if we could arrange to do the same. Kantan agreed, so this evening 10 of us gathered down on the harbour to enjoy some of Tanya's great culinary skills. We had agreed a price of 50 TL per before hand and drinks as extra. We were presented with a medley of traditional meze dishes and some delicious fish, this was then finished off with plates of fresh fruit and coffee with brandy. There was lots of Cankaya wine and G & Ts for those who wanted, all in all a superb evening, enjoyed by us all.

                                 May 26th 1  THE WHOLE GANG ENJOYING A WONDERFUL EVENING.


We were also entertained by a parade of manequins being photographed in this stunning environment, something to keep the guys happy.

                                                                                                                                                                        May 26th 12


It was quite late when we finally left the harbour and most of the restaurants around were either closed or preparing to close. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

May 26th 11


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