Got a surprise phone call from Sigga, our Icelandic friend, when I was on my way back from town. Got Joan to call her, only to find out that she had been here for more than 1 week but had been told that we were in Holland so had not called us. She called us in desperation for help in getting to a doctor as she had been unwell for the last 4 days. Anyway we managed to get an appointment for her at Kyrenia Medical Centre for 2 pm today. Joan collected her and took her down there where they did blood and urine tests only to establish that she had a quite serious urine infection and the recommendation was "stay in" for a couple of nights where they could treat her by drip. Joan went back to her flat where there were some friends of hers staying, collected some clothes to take in first thing tomorrow.

We tried to contact Steini, her husband, but it seems that he has changed his number again, anyway he had called her himself, so he was up to speed with the situation.

This is Norman's last night here so the three of us went to the Blue Song for dinner and a couple of G & Ts. As always very enjoyable food and the restaurant was quite busy. Tomorrow we must take Sigga her stuff, drive over South to do a little shopping on the way to Larnaca airport so that Norman can catch his 14.45 flight.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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