Last night we went to a Dolly Parton concert at The Savoy Hotel, organised by the Royal British Legion. Take a look back in a day or so when I have downloaded the pictures. As the whole evening was paid in advance and included food and drink Anne had managed to organise a taxi for us all at this part of town. Very wise move.

This morning was a bit of an effort but I did manage to get us a newspaper, but I am not too sure if it was really worth the 5TL.

There were only two articles worth commenting on. The first says "Unions Rage at Sell Off Deal". A contoversial Economic Protocol has been signed by Turkey and the TRNC, foreseeing a privatisation programme that could even include Girne's ancient yacht harbour. this has of course provoked North Cyprus trade unions to threaten strike actions. This protocol stems from the actions to agree the control of the water coming through the new pipeline. This new scheme proposes that public authorities such as Electric, Ports, Water etc be split up and privatised which accounts for the union anger. At this time they have strong influences over wages, pensions, employment etc. All the leading Union leaders are voicing their anger at this prposal and we can expect lots of action I think.

Another Greek Cypriot campaign has put the peace talks at risk. This time it is a property campaign. The new South Cyprus Government has submitted a request to the Council of Europe to pressure Turkey to stop what they call "illegal sales" development and advertising of former Greek Cypriot properties in the TRNC. This is creating another Orams style case in which the former home owners but told by the court to hand over their property to the original Greek Cypriot owner of the land on which the villa stood. They see this as a principle judgement and the GCs have asked the Council of Europes Committee to tell Turkey to provide a full list of measures taken to date and/or it intends to take to comply with the original jusgement. All of this does not bode well for any peace talks to be succesful, and if they fail I think our president can wave bye bye to his Nobel Peace Prize !

More importantly from our point of view is the report that states two British women have died in car accidents on each side of the border this week One of these accidents happened here on the Lapta Strip, in fact Joan and I were on our way home when we were passed by both an ambulance and a fire crew. We came across the accident at the junction we turn up, just after the LA hotel. The lady, Margaret Stansfiel, who died in intensive care after the Lapta accident was on holiday with her husband and two friends. A lesson to all here, make sure you have adequate holiday insurance.

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