This evening we went to the Band Concert organised at least annually at the British High Commission in Shakespeare House. This is a series of tables seating 10 per table to raise money for the Army Benevelent Fund. This year we were on Anne Lloyd's table, number 40, so you can have a simple guess at how much is raised at one of these events.

June 9th Band Concert 8

Anne's table with photo taken towards the end of the evening, but you can clearly see just how many where in the garden.

June 9th Band Concert 1


Three of this years first timers. Rev Wendy, Karen and Shane. You can also get a look at the huge quantity of food that we take each year. Far too much but never the less it makes for a very enjoyable evening.

This year the band was fromthe RAF and they played us a medley of classical stuff before the interval with a couple of solo performances. All good stuuf and very enjoyable.

June 9th Band Concert 11

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